Edition #1 – September 2020

The Quiet Reader is a brand new international literary magazine, born in a town called Solitaire, in the state of Quarantine in the country of 2020.

Our goal is to publish mesmerizing creative fiction and non-fiction, and writing for young people by new, emerging, and established writers. We are always looking for writing that surprises, captivates, and takes us to another place or just comfortably joins right next to us on the couch.

Here is the line-up of our first edition, with stories written by Zannier Alejandra, Ron Healy, Matias Travieso-Diaz, Michael Anthony, Margery Bayne, Alec Hutchinson, Aarushi Shetty, Yen Radecki, Elizabeth Guilt and John Walters.

Pre(r)amble – Ramon Stoppelenburg

It was in the spring of 2020 that the idea sprouted for new a international literary magazine. I was sitting in a comfortable extended window frame of an old colonial villa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, my home for the last 10 years, while reading an e-book. Or staring outside. Or reading again. It was so quiet everywhere.

The state of spring 2020 was that of a worldwide pandemic outbreak. A coronavirus traveled worldwide and testing humanity in staying indoors, on lockdown, in quarantine or on high alert once outside…