Edition #3 – May 2021

The Quiet Reader is an international literary magazine, born in a town called Solitaire, in the state of Quarantine in the country of 2020. Here is the line-up of our third edition, with stories written by Mark Budman, Alex S. French, Tamás Inczédy, Andrew Rucker Jones, Toshiya Kamei, Russell Richardson, Reed Rvenrick, C.M. Saunders and Matthew Wilson.

I Knew Him Well – Alex S. French

The stage was his again. Sprinting, swirling, twirling, his body torqued, the world blurring. Golden pirouettes trailed his every move like fainting devotees. They splashed around him like bubbling shooting stars. Finally one admirer could restrain her fervor no longer. She raced at him full bore, letting loose the sounds of joy that society had always wished to quash, to …