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And we learned a lot as a little team of readers and editors. That we would need more time, next time. That we will have a group of preliminary Staff Readers and an Editorial Team for the finer selection.

But we found the nuggets. We have hereby selected ten stories that we present you as pieces of polished gold, true finds of great enticing writing, superbly executed ideas, intriguing stories and beautiful, heartfelt dialogues. We found emotions, intrigue, suspense, thrills, history and exposures.

With this first edition of The Quiet Reader we launch these literary discoveries into the online world for all to enjoy and with a website designed for proper reading perspective, even on your mobile devices. Take your time while reading, as every story is different, and applaud the authors who wrote them.

Share your favorites on social media and support the authors, and help spread their great works. Let’s keep them encouraged to keep on writing and perhaps open the eyes of agents and publishers that see bigger works by them.

Our next issue is set for January 1, 2021, with a deadline set for December 1 this year. We expect way more submissions in the coming months and we will give every submission the attention it deserves. Are you a writer? Let us know and we will see what the future brings us.

Ramon Stoppelenburg


Ramon Stoppelenburg studied journalism in The Netherlands. As a former world traveler he left his mark on the internet with one of the first ever social networks,¸ which allowed him to travel the world for free for two years without spending any money. The British Sunday Times named him Internet Personality of the Year in 2002. His adventures, hanging around with Steve Irwin, partying with Geri Halliwell and getting stuck in the cold Canadian north, all ended up in the Dutch book with the same name. After living in Cambodia for ten years, while writing various short stories and travel writing for various websites and running a little community movie theater in Phnom Penh, Ramon is ready to settle in the republic of Georgia as soon as possible. You can find him on, @TravelingRamon and on Instagram.

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