The Ocean Deep – Lena Ng

And yet…

On sleepless nights, I imagine the cocoon of the ocean lulling me to sleep. The darkness, the stillness. With the passing of the years, the lure becomes harder to resist; her song beckons me in my dreams. Her siren’s song with its promise.

I know I can never dive again. If I did, I would be tempted to dive deeper and deeper, until I was once more reunited with her. The pull between life and love. Which is stronger—life or love? One day, I won’t be able to resist having one without the other. I long for the warmth of her arms cradling me into eternal sleep. Entangled in the embrace of my one, my love, my rapture of the deep.

Lena Ng lives in Toronto, Ontario. She has short stories in fifty publications including Amazing Stories. “Under an Autumn Moon” is her short story collection. She is currently seeking a publisher for her novel, Darkness Beckons, a Gothic romance.

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