Review Poilcy

Laura here, currently thequietreader is open for books to be reviewed and presented on this blog, and also among my other platforms such as Twitter, facebook, and Goodreads. The reviews I will write will always be honest, and 100% my own opinion. They will be written respectfully, but in some cases may have criticism, depending on my opinion.


I accept all genres of Young Adult (YA) fiction.

While do read, and review adult fiction, it does depend on the particular novel, and the style I am comfortable reading.

The adult genre’s I accept are:

  • Fantasy.
  • Thriller.
  • Faction (historical fiction).
  • Romance.

Anything that does not fall into these four genre’s will not be accepted.

Book format

I do accept, print ARCs, finished copies, and also audiobooks. While physical copies are my preferred medium of reading, I do accept e-books by email ( or from NetGalley (username: thequietreader.)

Lenght of time for a review

This depends mostly on the amount of time I have to read, and a number of books I’m reading at that moment. It will take 1-2 months for a book review to be published (Please respect that it might take longer.) If there is a certain date you would like a review to be published on or a date which you would like a review to be published by, please attach it to your email, and I will try and accommodate you as much as possible. 


I accept all requests only by email or at NetGalley. If you make a request on here it will be ignored, only because it is easier for me to keep on top of everything, if all my requests are made in the same place.


Thank you for reading. Laura.