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Ramon Stoppelenburg studied journalism in The Netherlands. As a former world traveler he left his mark on the internet with one of the first ever social networks,¸ which allowed him to travel the world for free for two years without spending any money. The British Sunday Times named him Internet Personality of the Year in 2002. His adventures, hanging around with Steve Irwin, partying with Geri Halliwell and getting stuck in the cold Canadian north, all ended up in the Dutch book with the same name. After living in Cambodia for ten years, while writing various short stories and travel writing for various websites and running a little community movie theater in Phnom Penh, Ramon is ready to settle in the republic of Georgia as soon as possible. You can find him on, @TravelingRamon and on Instagram.


Senior Editors


Jim Clarke is a senior lecturer in English Literature and Journalism at Coventry University. He is the author of two books of literary criticism, as well as dozens of peer-reviewed articles on subjects as varied as science fiction, dialectal translation, the modernist novel, and US politics. Prior to entering academia, he worked as a national newspaper reporter and editor in Ireland for two decades. He has published one novel, the thriller Of Human Interest, and his short fiction has been published by Heinemann and Minerva. He is a former editor of Ireland’s oldest literary journal, Icarus, and has published poetry widely.

Skip (Frank) Yetter is a journalist and former media executive, now traveler, evolving cook, and author. In 2010, he and his wife, Gabi, sold their home and possessions and moved to Cambodia, where they volunteered for local non-governmental organizations, wrote for local media, and traveled throughout Asia. From 2014 to 2019 they visited dozens of countries on five continents as part of an international house sitting network, looking after vacationing homeowners’ homes and pets and learning about local cultures and people. They co-wrote a book about their experiences (Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure), published in 2015. Skip’s second novel, A Reasonably Viable Marriage, was released in May 2020. His first, Rilertown, was published in 2016, as was KISS Kooking, an anthology of family favorites and recipes he learned throughout years of travels and cooking classes. He is the proud father of two daughters and exultant grandfather to three grandsons, all of whom live in the US. He is currently working on his third novel. He and Gabi now live in East Sussex, England.

Gabi (Gabrielle) Yetter is a former journalist for The Star in Johannesburg, a freelance writer for Touring Bird, Latitudes, and various online sites, and an author of The Definitive Guide to Moving to Southeast Asia: Cambodia, The Sweet Tastes of Cambodia, Ogden the Fish Who Couldn’t Swim Straight, Martha the Blue Sheep and co-author of Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure. She and her husband, Skip, lived and worked in Cambodia for three years, housesat around the world for almost five years and now live on the south coast of England, where she is working in her first novel.





















Staff Readers


Betina Fuentes is a professional educator and amateur author, originally from Florida, USA. Her passion for writing stemmed directly from her passion for reading, since the age of two. She’s been writing stories since elementary school. She enjoys writing more expository pieces, since that comes from her love for teaching. Betina specialized in travel and education writing, and is using her hard-won teaching certification to travel the world while working with students, with my travel partners (husband, daughter and crazy cat). You can find her works in Teach Middle East magazine, and she has guest authored on several international blogs. She now lives with her husband Jon and daughter in Hungary.

Tim Lundergan lives near Boston and promotes social distancing by learning piano, which scares away anyone who comes within earshot. He volunteers on the board of Sarus Beyond Borders, an organization committed to building a world beyond borders in Asia. His writing and editing experience have included the titles of editor, copy editor, director, for various historical newspapers named The Swampscott Reporter, The Marblehead Reporter, The North Shore Sunday, Somerville Journal, Marblehead Reporter, Wakefield Observer, Riverside Press-Enterprise. Tim has always been interested in good writing.

Jon Fuentes is a graduate of Penn State University, USA, has extensive experience in the literary field, having served as managing editor, project manager, and contributing writer for a variety of publications based both in the United States as internationally. He is currently exploring new career options, having recently moved. Jonathan currently resides in Hungary, leaving the Kingdom of Cambodia after one year. Originally hailing from the United States, he also previously spent three years living in the United Arab Emirates as well. Jonathan wants  to help find well-written, engaging stories that readers will enjoy, including himself. A fan of historical fiction and thrillers, Jonathan enjoys the works of writers like Harry Turtledove and Stephen King.

Michele Van Rensburg originates from South Africa. Early in her life she developed a passion for travel, art, different cultures and countries. She had the opportunity to live her dream and travel the world. She now resides in Cambodia and passes her time teaching English to second language students. She has always been a great fan of experiencing life in any way possible, might it by discovering a waterfall, a hidden forgotten temple, or hearing about someone’s adventures. In her spare free time you will find her doing art, or sitting at a coffee shop reading a good book. She joined The Quiet Reader because she loves the written word, and loves to experience and discovers the world around her through other people’s eyes.

Yen Radecki was raised across three continents and is now based in Japan, where they teach English and write poetry and fiction in their spare time. Their writing has previously appeared in STORGY Magazine, Ibis House, and Baby Teeth Journal. Their story There’s No Right Way To Say It was published in the first edition of The Quiet Reader.

Aarushi Shetty was born and brought up in India and now resides in the UK. She is a graduate with a Master of Arts in Professional Creative Writing. Her poems have been displayed as part of an Exhibition held by Positive Images Festival in Coventry. Another one has been a part of an exhibition to spread awareness about domestic abuse, which is due to be auctioned for charity. She is published in Popshot magazine and in the print edition of CovWords Magazine 2020-21, Coventry University’s creative magazine. Her story Coalesce was published in the first edition of The Quiet Reader.

Steven W. Palmer is a Scottish expat living in Cambodia since 2012. He has been a social worker and counsellor in the drugs field, a social worker and probation officer in criminal justice, a DJ and promoter, a sales and marketing manager, the editor of an arts and entertainments magazine in Phnom Penh, and managing editor of three other magazines. He has written the coming-of-age novel Eletric Irn Bru Acid Test, the planned trilogy with The Glas Vegas Chronicles, the crime novel Angkor Away that was followed by the human trafficking thriller Angkor Tears. The final part of the Angkor trilogy was Angkor Cloth, Angkor Gold. He is currently working on two new novels; Bangkok Drowning, a dystopian noir novel set in Bangkok in the second half of the 21st Century, and The Riel Thing, a comedy crime caper in the vein of Guy Ritchie. He also works as a professional proofreader and editor. He lives in Phnom Penh with a sociopathic dog and two aloof felines.


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