General Submissions


The Quiet Reader welcomes personal submissions of literary short stories (max 4,000 words), flash fiction and non-fiction for our 8th edition (December 2022) until November 1, 2022 at noon (GMT +1). 

Our standards are high. All work is read by preliminary staff readers, then referred to our editors, so that our online readers can look for some fine juried pieces.

Please read some of our previously published stories, to get an impression of what we might be looking for.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit only one (​1) story at a time. Only previously unpublished work will be considered. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere we ask that you please let us know.
  • We encourage submissions from writers of all identities, of any background and living anywhere.
  • Novellas and novel excerpts are always welcome, as long as they are readable on their own. Translations are welcome, but it is the translator’s responsibility to secure rights to the work before it is submitted.
  • Please note we cannot accept revisions to pieces once they’ve been submitted.
  • You may withdraw your submission any time, except once we have decided to publish it.
  • To know you actually wish to submit your story to our publication yourself (and you don’t use a check box in a writer’s service or submission agency), we ask you to refer to any personal fact of any of our team members in your submission e-mail. That way we know it really was you submitting to us.

We read all the submissions we receive.

We will make every effort to respond to your submissions within two months, though at times it may be longer. If it has been ​more than four months and you have not yet received a response, we will be happy to reply to a query regarding the status of your submission.

By submitting work for consideration, the author agrees to engage with our editors in a timely fashion that adheres to publishing deadlines to make suggested revisions and/or communicate directly with assigned editors to satisfactorily complete revisions before publication.

Word count
Max 4,000

File format
no headers, addresses or page numbers

Line Space
1.5 line spaced in 12pt

Times New Roman

Submit to

Please add a brief bio written in the 3rd person (and where you are from) and any social media links you want us to share, in your email and attach your document to the email.

Submission Costs
Submissions are free. At this time we can not pay our contributors, but hope to do so in the future.

Your rights

You retain all the rights to your work after publication (online and/or once in our annual print edition). Your published work will be housed in our internet archives in perpetuity, stored in our ebook collections and we may re-post a link to your piece on our social media channels from time-to-time.

How is the process for submissions?

  1. Once your submission is received, you will receive a confirmation message by email and to establish email contact.
  2. If your submission makes it to our list of eligible stories, our proof readers jump on it with their eyes of wit, knowledge and reading expertise.
  3. Then, if your story gets rated well by our proof readers, you might end up with our senior editors who go through your story with a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers.
  4. If they are utmost happy about it, your submission will gets published in our upcoming edition! Meanwhile, we’ll keep you in the loop for every step of the way.

Do we need readers?

Yes! There is no better way to improve your own writing then by reading what other people have written! We would love to have more volunteer readers! Just email us at to learn more.