Perspective – Gabrielle Yetter

This month celebrates the launch of one of our senior editors’ new book. And The Clouds Parted is the latest accomplishment from Gabrielle Yetter (Gabi) and is a collection of poetry and observations created during lockdown. Inspired by observing “invisible people” and a desire to see positive images during a time of darkness, the book is filled with poignant messages of hope, loss, love, and the human condition. Illustrated by Lucy Dean. This poem from the book is entitled Perspective.

Too hot

She moans

Smearing a smudge of makeup with a damp rag

And fanning her brow with a sweaty hand.

     While across town,

     A young woman dangles her toes on the edge of a pond

     And turns her face, like a sunflower, toward the sky.


Too cold,

He groans

Tightening his fur-lined jacket and stabbing a finger at the heater

     While along the street

     A young man rolls his wheelchair to the window

     And smiles as he watches snowballs fly.


Too much traffic,

The businessman grumbles

Honking the horn of his Mercedes and hollering at passersby.

     While in a nearby lane, a woman sits behind the wheel

     Humming to the strains of classical melodies

     And noticing newborn lambs in the meadow.


Too busy

The store owner gripes

Frowning at customers lined up at the door.

     When around the corner

     A nurse wipes another cheek,

     Holds another hand,

     Grateful for the contact of a human soul

     As another and another and another wait outside.


Too long

Mutters the executive

Tapping her foot and huffing loudly in the queue.

     While five steps behind her

     A single mum takes a breath

     Relieved to have a few moments of alone-time

     As she composes a new poem in her mind.


In another town, another space,

A young woman walks,

Head bowed,

Clutching roses,

And lays them on the ground

     For one who

     Will never be too hot, too cold, too busy.

     For him it is

     Too late.

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